Established some years back, we are a reputed men’s clothing company that offers the most sought-after Lou’s For Men apparel. We offer only the best Cardiff’s and UK’s best fashion brands for men. Over the years, we have enhanced our brand name to help our devoted clients to have only the best in the world of men’s clothing. With the desire to offer you iconic, stylish, authentic, classy, and quality men’s wear, we also provide an amazing shopping environment for you in Penarth and Cardiff. From casual cool to business smart, we offer the latest men’s wear to help you make a statement for whatever occasion. From our store, you will find unique apparel to last you throughout the week.



In and out of Cardiff, we offer amazing pieces that make a statement right from the design to style. With our Lou’s For Men apparel, you get inspired whether it is a work wear shoe or casual denim for your special parties. The bottom line is that we are reputed dealer that offers unique clothing to match your exact needs. All our clothing is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, if you are interested in locally or internationally sourced fabrics, you will get a variety of shirts, shoes, suits, ties, casual jackets and other rare pieces of outfits to help bring out the best in you.

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